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Report: Biden State Department Gives $90,000 to Group Supporting Palestinian Terror

The Biden administration, through the State Department, has allegedly granted more than $90,000 to a Palestinian non-governmental organization that vocally supports terrorism against Israelis and associates with terror groups.

NGO Monitor reported Wednesday (original links, footnotes removed):

According to (a US government website that catalogs Federal grants), the State Department is providing $30,088 to the Phoenix Center for Research and Field Studies in Gaza for an August 2023-July 2024 project and an additional $60,000 for a September 2023-August 2024 project.

On Phoenix’s website, the organization reports on several conferences and panels it has hosted during which it supported “armed resistance” against Israel – a euphemism for terrorism. Several senior members of Palestinian terrorist organizations have participated in these events.

On September 19, 2022, Phoenix held a discussion on “The links between the PA and the occupation – between paralysis and division.” Among the participants was senior Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) member Khader Habib and the discussion focused on Palestinian terrorism – euphemistically referred to as “resistance” – and the need to increase it.

NGO Monitor’s report accused the Phoenix director of personal, vocal support for Palestinian terrorism, and included photographs of Palestinian Islamic Jihad members who allegedly attended discussions hosted by Phoenix.

The Biden administration has already been sued by the conservative America First Legal Foundation for attempting to evade the Taylor Force Act, which prevents taxpayer money from being used to fund the Palestinian Authority (PA) while it continues to pay stipends to terrorists and their families. The Biden administration has restored some funds that were suspended by the Trump administration, and spends money on Palestinian economic development.


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