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Full-Frontal Nude Dating Show ‘Naked Attraction’ Quietly Added to Max

Naked Attraction, a controversial dating show that involves full-frontal nudity, has been quietly added to the HBO/Max streaming platform.

The U.K. dating show is a “series in which people see potential love interests whose naked bodies are gradually revealed to them. Then they must get naked themselves and choose,” according to Naked Attraction’s IMDb page.

Six seasons of Naked Attraction have been uploaded to HBO/Max, where they are uncensored.

“The following series is intended only for mature audiences. It contains full frontal nudity, coarse language, and graphic discussions about the human body. Viewer discretion is advised,” a warning at the beginning of each episode reads.

In the show, a single “chooser” judges and eliminates six potential dates who stand on a stage and slowly reveal a section of their bodies, one part at a time, with their faces being shown last. Meanwhile, the chooser critiques what they see.

After eliminating all but two potential dates, the chooser then also has to strip down naked, so that the two remaining contestants can judge their body as well. Once a decision is made, the couple goes on their first date — with their clothing on.

“This is the craziest shit I EVER watched on TV,” one X user reacted.

“There is something so cringe about watching the body language of a naked man who has been ‘rejected,’” another commented. “I kinda hate the way things are and shouldn’t be watching this (I’m contributing to the demand), but I’m fascinated by this…”

“The contestants on this programme get to chose a person to go on a date with based on their naked body – they all seem to be okay with getting exploited,” a third X user wrote.

“Looks like #Max needs to go on a buying spree. This is what they’re running,” another critiqued.

The conservative media advocacy group Parents Television and Media Council also reacted to Naked Attraction being imported to Max, slamming the streaming platform for hosting such content.

“Naked Attraction should not exist on the Max streaming platform, and HBO should immediately remove this exploitative, pornographic program,” the group said in a statement on Monday.

“Max has mediocre parental controls, enabling children to access some of the most explicit streaming content on the market,” the group continued. “There is no doubt children will be able to easily access Naked Attraction, the purpose of which is to shock and titillate the audience with uncensored and explicit nudity.”

Parents Television and Media Council added that “in a new low for HBO, the show fully exploits its own participants, somehow convincing them that their exploitation for the purpose of dating is right and good.”

“HBO is duplicitous,” the group affirmed. “It gives the appearance of a trusted family brand by hosting Harry Potter and Sesame Street, but HBO has now lifted its own veil, revealing that it is and always was a pornography channel.”


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