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Plurality of GOP Voters Say Republicans Would Be Blamed for Government Shutdown

A poll commissioned by the Republican Main Street Partnership found that a plurality of Republican primary voters believe that the GOP would be blamed for a potential government shutdown.

The Republican Main Street Partnership (RMSP) and Women2Women commissioned Echelon Insights to conduct a poll about the increasing likelihood of a government shutdown.

Congress must pass a government funding bill by September 30 or the government will shut down.

When asked who would be most to blame if the government shuts down, a plurality, or 38 percent, of Republican primary voters believe that Republicans in Congress would be most to blame. After that, 19 percent said Democrats would be most to blame, followed by 17 percent who believe that President Joe Biden would be most to blame, followed by 15.5 percent who believe that everyone is to blame.

However, the poll also suggests that the Democrat Party may carry more of the blame than the Republican Party.

When asked which party would be more responsible for a government shutdown, 50 percent of Republican primary voters said that the Democrat Party would definitely or probably be responsible, while 16 said that the Republican Party would definitely or probably be responsible.

Sarah Chamberlain, the RSMP president and CEO, said in a written statement:

The biggest losers of a government shutdown are the American people, and the polling is clear – if the government shuts down, Republicans will be blamed for it. The longer the Republican Conference allows itself to be held hostage by a few fringe members more interested in fundraising and TV appearances than in governing, the more likely the rest of GOP members will suffer at the ballot box come Election Day. Elected officials need to start listening to swing voters who not only put them in office in the first place, but who will continue to play a pivotal role in deciding whether or not they keep their jobs. It’s time for good faith negotiations that prove to the American people that Republicans can lead a functional governing party.

House Republicans have not found a majority by which they can either pass their 12 appropriations bills or pass a short-term spending bill, otherwise known as a continuing resolution (CR), to keep the government open.

Republican Main Street Partnership commissioned the Tarrance Group to conduct the poll, which was fielded from September 16-18. The poll sampled 500 Republican 2024 voters nationwide and has a 4.5 percent margin of error.

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