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Poll: 74% of Republicans Say Mitch McConnell Should Resign Leadership Position

A strong majority of Republican voters believe Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) should resign his Senate leadership position following recent health concerns, a Monday Rasmussen Reports poll found.

The poll asked respondents:

Mitch McConnell is a Republican senator from Kentucky who serves as Senate Minority Leader. Some Republicans have called on McConnell to resign his leadership position because of his health issues. Do you agree or disagree that Mitch McConnell should resign his position as Senate minority leader?

Seventy-four percent of Republican voters said McConnell should resign as GOP Senate minority leader, while only 17 percent disagreed. Seventy-three percent of Democrats agreed.

Among those who said McConnell should resign, 49 percent strongly agreed, with another 25 percent “somewhat agreeing.”

Just 34 percent of Republicans said they had a positive impression of McConnell, with seven percent answering “very favorable.” Twenty-seven percent said they had a “somewhat favorable” impression.

Twelve percent of Democrats had a “very favorable” impression of McConnell, five points more than Republicans.

The poll surveyed 1,062 likely voters from September 3-5 with a three-point margin of error.

Last week, McConnell said he would not step down from his position after recently suffering a concussion and two subsequent incidences where he appeared to freeze.

“I’m going to finish my term as leader, and I’m going to finish my Senate term,” McConnell said.

McConnell, 81, is the longest-serving party leader in Senate history. He overcame ten Republican “no” votes in November to remain minority leader, the greatest number of “no” votes as Senate leader.

Under McConnell’s Senate leadership, the national debt rose nearly $20 trillion, illegal immigration surged, and real wages for American workers have not grown. Additionally, Obamacare was enacted in 2010, Congress bailed out big banks in 2008, and social media companies silenced individuals without repercussions.


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