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Police: Chicago Man Said ‘It’s a Bad Day’ After Stabbing Girlfriend 150 Times

A man is accused of fatally stabbing his girlfriend 150 times with scissors on Monday in Chicago, while she was visiting with her children.

At his bond hearing on Thursday, 37-year-old David Cobb was ordered held without bail, and the judge in the case was identified as Judge Mary Marubio, CWB Chicago reported Friday.

The incident happened that evening when the city’s 911 dispatchers got multiple calls from the man’s number. A man’s voice kept telling a dispatcher, “it’s a bad day ever,” but he was unable to provide the address for where he was located in order to receive help.

Once officials were able to determine the calls were coming from the 2400 block of East 74th Place, law enforcement traveled to the scene where they found Cobb at his apartment.

He opened the door when they knocked to offer him help.

Officers immediately noticed he had blood gushing from his hands. Meanwhile, the two children found at the scene were determined to be of toddler age. They did not appear to have been hurt during the incident.

When authorities found the 46-year-old woman dead on the kitchen floor, they also discovered pieces of a broken pair of scissors along with a knife, which were covered in blood.

Cobb was transported to a local hospital for treatment of the wounds on his hands. The woman reportedly suffered nearly 150 stab wounds, most of which were on her back, and they were consistent with wounds scissors could have made.

The suspect later claimed they had argued and apparently only remembers trying to clean up the blood that was everywhere.

Per the CWB report, Cobb was convicted of domestic battery in 2006 and aggravated domestic battery one year later.

However, the recent victim had nothing to do with those incidents, the outlet said, adding, “He also has a forgery conviction from 2009 and a narcotics possession charge from 2011.”

According to Fox 32, Cobb has been charged with first-degree murder in the recent case.

Meanwhile, almost 30 people were shot Friday through mid-afternoon on Sunday in Chicago under Mayor Brandon Johnson’s (D) watch, Breitbart News reported Sunday.

Crime is surging in Johnson’s city, with carjackings up 126 percent, robbery up 16 percent, thefts up 14 percent, and sexual assault up five percent, the outlet reported Monday.

The article also noted that “Gun violence has remained a constant throughout Johnson’s first few months as mayor.”

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