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Report: Joe Biden’s Reelection Campaign Spending Less Than House, Senate Candidates

The reelection campaign for President Joe Biden has reportedly been spending less than some U.S. House and U.S. Senate candidates.

According to Federal Election Commission (FEC) data, the Biden reelection campaign spent a meager $1.5 million between January and June this year, while former President Donald Trump spent $20.2 million during that same time period of his reelection campaign in 2019. In 2011, Obama also spent $12.9 million on his reelection campaign.

Though Biden faces some primary opposition from the likes of Marianne Williamson and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., he will likely coast to the Democrat presidential nomination.

“Sixteen senators, 10 members of the House and 10 presidential candidates have outspent Biden on their 2024 campaigns so far,” Fox News noted.

Kevin Munoz, a spokesman for Biden’s campaign, told Fox News that the president has been coordinating with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) on a spending model that will include shared costs as opposed to direct spending from the campaign fund.

“Part of our victory strategy is to run a one team operation,” Munoz said:

Staff, resources, and financing from across the DNC and Biden-Harris 2024 are and will be dedicated to the re-election effort, from finance to communications to outreach and more. From a reporting perspective, it may look and feel different than prior campaigns, but by all our metrics of success this is a proven and winning model — already helping deliver election wins for Democrats in places from Wisconsin to Jacksonville.

Biden has proven largely successful with his donor class and reportedly raised $72 million in the second quarter of fundraising.

While still early to make any future predictions, a recent Echelon Insights survey poll showed Trump leading Joe Biden in key swing states.

“The survey asked respondents who they would vote for if the presidential election were held today and gave the following choices: Trump, Biden, and third party candidate Cornel West,” Breitbart News reported. “In that matchup, Trump edges out Biden by one point, 43 percent to Biden’s 42 percent. West garners four percent support, and 11 percent remain unsure.”

“The survey also examined who is leading in battleground states and found Trump with an even greater lead, as 48 percent chose Trump. Biden fell eight points behind with 40 percent support,” it added. “In other words, Trump’s battleground lead is well within the survey’s +/- 3.9 percent margin of error.”

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