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Indianapolis Democrats Pass Ban on Concealed Carry for Self-Defense

Democrats on the Indianapolis City-County Council voted Monday night to ban constitutional carry and concealed carry with a permit within city limits.

The ban was part of Mayor Joe Hogsett’s (D) gun control package.

FOX 59 reported that the Hogsett’s gun control also bans “assault weapons” within the city and raises minimum age for gun purchases to 21.

The gun control push comes as Hogsett is running for re-election in a city climate where crime and murder are surging.

The Indy Star noted a spokesperson for Jefferson Shreve, who is running against Hogsett, said, “It’s remarkable how much Joe Hogsett has to say now that it’s an election year.”

Part of Shreve’s campaign platform includes reinstating the city’s public safety director position to fight crime. Hogsett did away with that position in 2016.

None of the Hogsett’s gun controls can take effect in Indianapolis because a state preemption law prevents cities and municipalities from passing gun controls that exceed those at the state level.

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