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Report: More Than 17 Million Guns Sold in U.S. During 2022

A report from indicates there were 17.4 million guns sold in the U.S. during 2022, and approximately 1.4 million have been sold each month in 2023.

SafeHome arrived at the figure of 17.4 million by examining FBI data on National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) background checks, and counting every “long gun and handgun check was counted as 1.1 sales,” while counting a multiple gun NICS check as two sales. (NICS checks conducted for concealed carry permits and other non-sale matters were not counted.)

Using SafeHome’s methodology, three states–California, Florida, and Texas–witnessed over a million guns sold, with Texas seeing the most sales.

A total of 1,063,033 guns were sold in California, 1,304,362, in Florida, and 1,452,990 in Texas.

If examined through a per-capita approach, Alaska led the way with 872 guns sold per 10,000 residents aged 21 or above. Montana finished second with 830 per 10,000 residents aged 21 or above and Wyoming finished third with 806.

Breitbart News reached out to National Shooting Sports (NSSF), which keeps track of gun sales on both an annual and monthly basis. NSSF reported 16,4 million guns sold in 2022, which is one million firearms less than reported by SafeHome.

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