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Tom Hanks Blasts Oakland Athletics Move to Las Vegas: ‘Damn Them All to Hell’

There’s no crying in baseball. But there is clearly a lot of bitterness.

Hollywood star Tom Hanks recently vented his anger at Oakland Athletics management for its decision to move the team to Las Vegas.

“We’ve lost the Raiders. The Warriors moved to San Francisco. And now they’re going to take the A’s out of Oakland…. Damn them all to hell,” Hanks said at a recent event, according to a Fox News report. It remains unclear when and where the event was taking place.

Hanks was reportedly responding to a question of whether he would consider buying the A’s from team owner John Fisher.

The two-time Oscar-winning star grew up in the Bay area and various parts of northern California.

Hanks reportedly called A’s fans “the greatest fans in all of baseball.”

The actor had a summer job at the Coliseum as a hot dog vendor when he was 14.

“I came across professional vendors, who did not like the fact kids were there,” he said during an appearance on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, in 2019 . “I’m 14 years old and a guy, probably in his late-50s, is yelling, ‘Hey, kid, that was my sale!’”


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