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Texas Legislature Bans Transgender Surgeries on Minors

The Lone Star state of Texas issued a ban on transgender surgeries for minors on Wednesday, essentially stopping puberty blockers and hormone treatments on teens.

The bill will provide a small exemption for minors already receiving gender transition treatment prior to the law’s passage. It will make Texas the largest state in the union to issue such a ban.

“The bill would prohibit a doctor from performing mastectomies or surgeries that would sterilize a child or remove otherwise healthy tissue or body parts, or from prescribing drugs that would induce transient or permanent infertility. It now heads to the governor’s desk,” reported the New York Times.

“On Wednesday, the State House voted to advance a measure requiring athletes in public colleges to compete based on the sex inscribed on their birth certificate at the time of their birth,” it added.

Known as Senate Bill 14, the law drew hard protests from LGBTQ activists in the state this month, forcing police two arrested two people that were protesting as the bill was being debated.

Opponents to the bill twice delayed a vote on procedural grounds before it finally passed the House and returned to the Senate. It will now go to Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk. He is expected to sign it into law.

The census bureau reports that roughly 7.5 million children live in Texas.

As Breitbart News reported, the state of Florida also banned transgender surgeries and “gender-affirming” care on minors this week.

“Florida is officially banning the mutilation of minors in the name of ‘gender affirmation,’ as Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) on Wednesday signed legislation addressing issues associated with the radical left’s transgender agenda,” it reported. “DeSantis signed another batch of legislation, including S.B. 254, which will permanently ‘outlaw the mutilation of minors,’ the governor explained.”

DeSantis said the law will also ban “surgical procedures and experimental puberty blockers for minors” and “will also require any adults receiving the surgeries to be informed about the irreversible nature and about the dangers of the procedures.”

“We never did this through all of human history, until like, what, two weeks ago now? This is something they’re having … third graders declare pronouns. We’re not doing the pronoun Olympics in Florida. It’s not happening here,” DeSantis added.


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