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Migrant Apprehensions Jump to 182K in Last Full Month of Title 42

Border Patrol agents apprehended more than 182,000 migrants during the month of April — the last full month of the CDC’s Title 42 migrant expulsion program. The latest report from CBP confirms Breitbart Texas’ article on May 3 revealing the third straight month of increased apprehensions along the border.

The apprehension of migrants who crossed the border between ports of entry began to increase dramatically in the final days of April. U.S. Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz tweeted that during the final 72 hours of April, agents apprehended 22,220 migrants — 7,406 per day. By the end of the month, agents apprehended a total of 182,114 migrants, according to the CBP Southwest Land Border Encounters Report for April.

CBP officials reported that about 35 percent of the apprehended migrants were expelled under Title 42, a program that ended on May 11. The apprehensions included 124,599 single adults. Of those, approximately 46 percent were processed for expulsion under Title 42.

Family unit apprehensions increased by 28 percent over March to a total of 45,891 migrants. The apprehension of unaccompanied minors fell slightly to 11,478 in April from 58,964 in March, the report states.

The El Paso Sector continued to lead in April migrant apprehensions as agents took 41,894 migrants into custody. This was followed by the Rio Grande Valley Sector (37,796), the Tucson Sector (33,894), San Diego Sector (25,093), and Del Rio Sector (20,124).

The April apprehensions brought the Fiscal Year total to 1,234,930 migrants — up 1.4 percent over the same seven-month period one year ago. These numbers do not include another 453,000 migrants classified as known got-aways.

The largest number of migrants came from Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries of Central America (54,766). The next largest demographic group was Venezuelan migrants (25,514).

The number of apprehensions continued to increase during the first ten days of May.


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