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Report: At Least One in Five Women Now Own Guns

A Fox News report on surging female gun ownership includes a focus on a 2022 Gallup Poll showing 22 percent of women now say they own guns.

The 22 percent was up seven points from a figure of 15 percent in 2016.

Fox News spoke with Jessica McCoy, as she was at a Washington state range shooting a Daniel Defense AR-15.

McCoy made clear she is learning to shoot so she can defend her family and her home when her husband is gone.

She said, “When he is gone, I don’t have that comfort and reassurance of someone that knows how to actively handle a gun and protect me from an intruder or someone who wants to harm us.”

Fox News also spoke to Lisa Olson, as she too signed up for firearm training.

Olson described coming face-to-face with one of two burglars in her neighborhood, saying, “What can I do [against] two men? Being a woman and not as strong, we need something a little stronger to help protect us.”

On April 24, Breitbart News pointed to a CNN report showing gun sales were surging among women in the wake of the March 27, Nashville Christian school shooting and the April 10, attack on the Louisville bank.

CNN quoted Northeastern University’s Dr. Matt Miller, saying, “Sometime between 2016 and 2019, the new gun owners were more likely to be female and Black than prior to that and, whether it’s in response to feeling as though things are going out of control, the country is really divided, that’s a tempting speculation to make.”


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