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IRS Whistleblower Says Biden Admin Interfering in Hunter Tax Fraud Probe

Two Biden administration political appointees within the Justice Department are working to block charges against Hunter Biden for tax violations against recommendations, an IRS whistleblower alleged Wednesday, saying the appointees are engaging in “preferential treatment and politics.”

Hunter is under investigation by the DOJ for tax fraud, money laundering, and violation of lobbying laws. Trump-appointed U.S. prosecutor David Weiss for months has been weighing if there is sufficient evidence for the grand jury to indict him.

According to the whistleblower’s attorney, Mark Lytle, his client wishes to speak with congressional investigators to corroborate his claims of political interference in the probe, which he has reported to the Justice Department’s top watchdog, according to a report.

In a letter obtained by Just the News, “The IRS agent has … disclosed his concerns to both the Treasury Department Inspector General for Tax Administration and Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz.” The letter goes on to say:

Specifically, the agent has provided evidence that at least two Biden DOJ political appointees in U.S. attorneys’ offices have declined to seek a tax indictment against Hunter Biden despite career investigators’ recommendations to do so and the blessing of career prosecutors in the DOJ tax division.

In addition, the whistleblower alleges Weiss asked to be named as a special counsel in the probe to provide a degree of separation between the probe and Joe Biden. That request was apparently turned down.

The allegations come as the grand jury appears to have convened as far back as May 2019, a confidential subpoena served to JPMorgan Chase bank reveals. The subpoena sought bank records of Hunter and James Biden.

According to the New York Times, Hunter has tried to settle the DOJ’s probe. In 2021, Hunter paid an outstanding $1 million IRS tax bill to evade conviction or a long sentence. The payment could benefit Hunter’s defense.

The probe into Hunter could implicate President Joe Biden. A witness who testified before the jury was reportedly asked to identify the “big guy.” The “Big Guy” is a reference to a joint venture between the Biden family, associates, and CEFC China Energy Co., in which Joe Biden would receive a ten percent equity stake. CEFC also paid Hunter a $1 million legal retainer.

In March 2018, James Biden demanded the legal services payment and provided CEFC “wiring instructions” to transfer the funds to Hudson West III LLC, an entity James and Hunter controlled.

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) revealed in March the Biden family received a collective $1.3 million cut in 2017 from a Biden family business associate, who was sent a $3 million wire transfer from CEFC. Hunter has confirmed the $1.3 million China payout, while Joe Biden falsely denied it.

Comer believes Biden family members received the $1.3 million in return for favors from Joe Biden. “We believe the reason the family was receiving this money is because of favors that Joe Biden did as vice president and or as president,” Comer told Bloomberg in March.

Comer’s investigation into the Biden family for nine violations, including tax evasion, money laundering, and wire fraud, is a separate probe from the DOJ’s.

Comer’s investigation has encompassed subpoenaing four major U.S. banks and one individual. The subpoenaed banks are Bank of America, Cathay Bank, JPMorgan Chase, and HSBC USA N.A. The banks have complied with the subpoenas.

Comer also subpoenaed the Biden family’s CEFC partner, Mervyn Yan. As a former CEFC official, Yan was an integral member of the Chinese energy conglomerate with strong ties to the Chinese Communist Party. Yan appears to be one of the few top CEFC officials who has not been detained or arrested.

“We’ve been wondering all along where the heck the DOJ and the IRS have been. Now it appears the Biden Administration may have been working overtime to prevent the Bidens from facing any consequences,” Comer told Breitbart News. “The House Oversight Committee will work to hold accountable anyone in the Biden Administration who may be covering up this criminal activity.”


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