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Authorities Say Nashville Shooter Left Suicide Note, 19 Journals, and Other Docs — All Kept from the Public

The 28-year-old transgender attacker who shot and killed six in a Nashville Christian school March 27, 2023, left behind a suicide note, 19 journals, and other items, all of which have been kept from the public.

Breitbart News reported that the transgender shooter carried legally purchased firearms into the school, where she walked the halls with a pistol caliber carbine looking for victims.

She was shot and killed on the second floor of the school by Metropolitan Nashville Police Department officers.

The attacker left behind “cellphones and laptops, as well as a suicide note, three folders and 19 journals,” NBC News noted. But none of the writings have been released for the public to see.

NBC News observed:

The potential release of the journals has become a point of friction in the case: While local investigators said they are continuing to analyze the writings with assistance from the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit in Quantico, Virginia, some in the community said the writings must be made public without delay to help people understand the carnage and Hale’s state of mind.

To date, federal law enforcement claims no clear motive has emerged behind the transgender’s deadly attack on the Christian school.

Author and pundit Byron York weighed in on the situation, tweeting, “Instead of hinting that the motive ‘remains unclear,’ why don’t police just release the evidence?”

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