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No Women Have Penises, UK Prime Minister Confirms

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has confirmed that no women in fact have penises, in a political statement that will somehow manage to cause controversy.

Britain’s Conservative Party Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has confirmed in an interview his understanding that 100 per cent of women do not have penises, a statement that marks the latest chapter in one of the country’s most bizarre political controversies in its centuries-long history.

Despite how obvious many will find such an observation, such a view is not held by some on the country’s increasingly sex-politics-obsessed left, with a Green Party member of Scotland’s devolved parliament claiming instead that biological male rapists have the right to call themselves women while in prison.

Speaking to the political news and opinion blog ConservativeHome, UK PM Sunak agreed with the point put to him that 100 per cent of women do not have penises.

Such a figure slightly eclipses the one provided by his Labour Party rival, Keir Starmer, who instead believes that only 99.9 per cent of women do not have penises, a tacit admission that he believes as many as one in every 1000 women do in fact have male genitalia.

However, Sunak was somewhat apologetic about his statement, saying that while he did think biological sex is “fundamentally important”, he also stuttered out that it was important to have “compassion” and “understanding” while dealing with the issue.

“I think the first thing to say is, look, we should always have compassion and understanding and tolerance for those who are thinking about their gender,” he said, qualifying his claim that women do not have penises.

“But when it comes to these issues of protecting women’s rights [and] women’s spaces I think the issue of-of biological sex is fundamentally important when we think about those questions (sic),” he stammered on.

Sunak’s apparent nervousness in answering the question betrays the underlying political controversy of sex that is gripping mainstream UK politics, with even those in the supposedly right-wing Tory Party nervous about upsetting those who back transgender ideology.

Other parties in the country are far more open about their support for hard-line trans politics, however, with another member of the Scottish National Party coming out this week to say that biological male rapists should be allowed to identify as women in UK prisons.

“I think any trans person should be able to get the gender recognition certificate that they seek, that recognises, in law, something that the rest of us just take for granted,” Maggie Chapman, an SNP member of Scottish parliament, remarked regarding the issue.

Chapman went on to deny that one infamous rapist who identifies as transgender, Adam Graham, is only doing so because he wishes to do time in a women’s prison rather than a male one.

Convicted of raping two women, Graham now goes by the name Isla Bryson, though has reportedly been moved out of a women’s prison after public backlash over his gender change.

“[W]e don’t know that was the only motivation that Isla Bryson chose to do that,” the progressive politician insisted. “Isla Bryson is a trans woman.”


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