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WATCH: Jorge Masvidal Calls Trump ‘Greatest President,’ Chants ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ at UFC Fight

UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal called Donald Trump the “greatest president” and Ron DeSantis the “greatest governor” at the close of the final matchup of his career on Saturday night.

Sitting alongside Kid Rock and Mike Tyson, the former president attended the UFC match in Miami on Saturday night where he was given a big shoutout by Jorge Masvidal.

“I just want to say, Greatest President in the history of the world, sitting right there,” said Masvidal as the crowd went wild. “I love that guy! We also got the greatest governor of all time here in Florida. Let’s keep Florida free. A red state.

Masvidal then shouted “Let’s Go Brandon” as he called for America to take that “motherfucker out of power and replace him.”

Masvidal then led the crowd in a “Let’s Go Brandon” chant, which they happily participated in.

As Breitbart News reported, Masvidal recently bashed left-wing calls to “Defund the Police,” saying it will lead to a spike in crime in the very neighborhoods liberals want to protect.

“I grew up in not the best neighborhoods. Believe me, you don’t want to defund the police. The people that will be alright is, like, you and me because I could hire a security team and so could you,” he told Joe Rogan.

“But how about everybody else that can’t? They’re going to get fucking murked, bro. Because there’s people on the other side that are really fucking hungry that are for real bad guys,” he added. “You take the police away, you take that filter away, you’re asking for trouble.”

The two also traded back and forths about how much they enjoy the freedoms afforded in states like Texas and Florida.

“I don’t believe in those same policies that socialism and communism spring up,” said Masvidal. “Anything to do with that, I’m firmly against that and we see it. It’s like a perfect example. Look what happened to California. Look what was going on in New York doing the whole thing.”

“I get why people would think that it would work because they think that they’re going to be a better person, we’re going to make things fair for people, but the problem is it just consolidates power in the top and they leave everybody fighting over everything else and it becomes chaos,” responded Rogan.


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