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Poll: Only 25% of Democrats Prefer Joe Biden Launch 2024 Campaign

Only 25 percent of Democrats preferred President Joe Biden launch a 2024 reelection campaign, a Monmouth University Poll revealed Monday.

The number marks a dangerous low point for the president, who is expected to announce a 2024 campaign in April, according to media reports.

Although 25 percent preferred Biden to run for reelection, 44 percent did not want Biden to seek reelection. Thirty percent of Democrats felt indifferent to his potential campaign.

Among Democrats who identified as “strong Democrats,” which account for over half the party’s electorate, 36 percent wanted Biden to not run for reelection. Thirty-six percent also said they did want him to run for reelection.

The poll also revealed worse findings for Biden among those who identify as “very liberal”:

Among voters with very liberal political views — representing just over one-quarter of Democrats nationwide — more than half (52%) want Biden to turn the reins over to someone else and just 22% say they prefer to see the incumbent seek another term. A majority of Democratic voters under 50 years old (54%) would also like to see Biden defer to another candidate in 2024.

Notably, though many Democrats do not support Biden’s potential campaign, over half (51 percent) of Democrats could not name an alternative if Biden does not run.

“Among those who do have a preferred alternative, Vice President Kamala Harris (13%) is the only potential contender who registers above single digits,” the poll found. “These results are basically the same among party voters who specifically say they want Biden to step aside for another candidate.”

The poll surveyed 542 Democrats from March 16 – 20 with a 6.3 point margin of error.


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