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Father of MSU Shooter: Change Laws so ‘Nobody Can Buy Guns No More’

The father of the 43-year-old alleged Michigan State University shooter is asking lawmakers to change laws so “nobody can buy guns no more.”

The Detroit News indicated that 67-year-old Michael McRae now says he does not know where his son got the two 9mm pistols he allegedly had on his person during the February 13, 2023, attack.

He had originally claimed his son bought the guns at a pawn shop.

McRae made clear he wants laws changed to prevent the purchase of firearms, saying, “Change the gun laws. Change the gun laws so they make it where nobody can buy guns no more. … People buy guns like it don’t mean nothing. They get guns, buy guns and go around and do crazy stuff like this. You don’t make a change, you will never get there.”

He commented on his son’s alleged murder of three Michigan State students, saying, “Everybody is hurt. … I still don’t believe it. I didn’t raise him like that. I raised him in church. I don’t know what was on his mind.”

Michigan Democrats are pushing universal background checks, a gun storage law, and a red flag law in the aftermath of the Michigan State shooting. California has all these gun controls and more, yet the FBI identified California as number one for “active shooter incidents” in 2021.

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