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Joe Biden Weighs Expanding Foreign Competition Against Working Class Americans

Joe Biden is weighing expanding foreign competition in the labor market against working class Americans by offering green cards to foreign visa workers, a new report suggests.

An exclusive report from Fox News’s Adam Shaw reveals that Biden is considering allowing foreign workers on H-2A agricultural visas and H-2B non-agricultural visas to apply for and secure green cards to remain permanently in the United States labor market.

Fox News’s Adam Shaw reports:

Fox has now learned that the rule process, which is still going through the consideration process at USCIS, would allow workers on those visas to take steps to become permanent residents and obtain a green card.
[Emphasis added]

“The [rule-making process] also proposes to provide increased flexibility for H-2 workers by extending grace periods, and allowing H-2 workers to take steps toward becoming permanent residents of the United States without being deemed to have abandoned their nonimmigrant intent or their foreign residence solely on that basis,” says a summary of the proposal, seen by Fox Digital.
[Emphasis added]

The H-2A visa program allows farms to bring an unlimited number of foreign workers to the U.S. every year to take American agricultural jobs. As Breitbart News has chronicled for years, the program is often used to replace Americans and preserve the low cost of farm labor.

Meanwhile, the H-2B visa program allows U.S. employers to import tens of thousands of nonagricultural seasonal workers. The program has been used to cut wages in those eligible industries.

Biden’s seemingly wanting to expand foreign competition against Americans in blue-collar industries comes as analysis shows his administration is growing employment by funneling millions of foreign workers into U.S. jobs while millions of Americans, particularly working-class men, are left on the labor market sidelines.

By the end of 2022, for instance, close to two million fewer native-born Americans were working in jobs compared to the same time in 2019 while two million foreign-born workers were added to the workforce.

Annually, more than a million foreign nationals are awarded green cards. Hundreds of thousands of those newly permanent residents will go on to secure naturalized American citizenship. In addition, about a million foreign visa workers are admitted every year to take U.S. jobs.


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