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Cincinnati Closes Ohio River Water Intake as Safety Precaution After East Palestine Train Derailment

Cincinnati has closed its Ohio River water intake and switched to water reserves as a safety precaution in response to the train disaster in East Palestine, Ohio, earlier this month.

Greater Cincinnati Water Works (GCWW) shut off Ohio River water intake on Friday and switched to water reserves, with the anticipation that the chemical plume traveling down the river from East Palestine will reach the city, according to a report by WXIX.

While the chemicals that spilled as a result of the February 3 train derailment in East Palestine have not been detected in the Cincinnati area, the water department is nonetheless taking the safety precaution.

“We are taking this preventative step to ensure the health, safety, and confidence of residents,” Cincinnati Mayor Aftab Pureval said.

City manager Sheryl Long said, “Our City Administration is prepared for these types of events,” adding, “I understand the concern, and I’m confident that temporarily shutting off the Ohio River intake is the best move.”

Long also said there is “zero risk that our water reserves contain contaminants from the train derailment site, and tapping these reserves will give us all peace of mind.”

Greater Cincinnati Water Works Supervisor Jess Swertfeger said that when the water from the Ohio River is eventually turned back on, they will treat it, adding, “We know what we need to do for treatment.”

Swertfeger also explained that while the plume from East Palestine has dissipated, the area of the water that had the toxic chemicals is expected to pass through Cincinnati on Monday.

Despite EPA Administrator Michael Regan asking East Palestine residents to “trust the government” when the EPA says the water is safe to drink in the wake of the toxic chemical spill, many locals remain very concerned.

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News on Saturday, Ohio Sen. Michael Rulli (R-Salem) implored residents within a ten mile radius of East Palestine not to drink the water.

“Anyone within ten miles, I am begging you not to drink the water. I am begging you not to bathe in the water. It is not safe,” Rulli said.


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