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Analysis: New York Voter Rolls Include 3.1M Registrants Without Records Proving Their Identity

Ahead of this year’s midterm elections voter rolls in New York include about 3.1 million registrants without records that prove their identity, a new analysis reveals.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) reviewed New York state’s voter rolls to find millions are registered despite not having Social Security numbers or driver’s license numbers attached that would prove each registrant’s identity.

“Although list maintenance work is typically a reactive process, the Empire State voter registration system lacks substantial amounts of personally identifiable information that is essential to conduct effective voter roll maintenance,” a brief by PILF states.

In Long Island, New York, roughly 1.3 million registrants are on the state’s voter rolls without records that prove their identity. Likewise, across New York City, nearly 2.5 million residents are on the voter rolls who do not have Social Security or driver’s license numbers attached to their registrations.

Overall, about 23 percent of all 13.3 million registrants on New York’s voter rolls are missing records that prove their identity. For comparison, 10 percent of registrants in Washington state and 16 percent of registrants in Arkansas are missing these records.

“New York’s files show an outsized amount of registrants missing these key identifiers,” the PILF brief states.

The figures come as New York state officials continue adding tens of thousands of registrants every year who do not have identifiable records attached to their registration. From 2019 to 2020, for instance, more than 22,500 registrants without identity records were added to the state’s voter rolls.

Since then, more than 21,000 additional registrants have been added to New York’s voter rolls without records proving their identity.

In July, Judicial Watch filed suit against New York state officials for allegedly failing to remove ineligible voters from voter rolls. In New York City, where about 5.5 million voters are registered, the state removed just one ineligible voter from 2016 to 2020.


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