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The Rory Sauter Show – Episode 33 : Rory Sauter Is Not Dead Part 33

Guests : David Bernstein, Leah Hoopes, Justin Hart, AJ Rice, Richard Vedder, Ryan Lazarus, David Aaron Regier, Demensio Barton, Alfredo Ortega, Scott Anakin, James Chillemi, Sabo Nsaent, Michael Vasquez, Gregory Merk, Rodney Evans, Matthew J, & more…

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President Trump Requests Independent Review of Documents Seized in FBI Mar-a-Lago Raid

Sources: GSA Packed Boxes of Documents Trump Brought to Mar-a-Lago, Not Trump Political Staffers

Report: Documents Show Biden White House Involvement in Trump Criminal Probe

Poll: President Trump’s Support Within Republican Party Grows after FBI Raid

President Trump Vindicated as DOJ Releases Mueller Memo on Not Prosecuting President Trump

Biden Gifting Ukraine (Another) $3 Billion as Americans Grapple with Food Shortages, Inflation, and a Porous Southern Border

Taliban Questions Biden Airstrike Killing al-Qaeda Leader, Says Body Never Found

Whistleblowers: FBI Forbade Agents from Probing Hunter’s Laptop Until After 2020 Election

Dr. Anthony Fauci Announces Decision to Step Down in December, As Republican Control of Congress Looms

Report: Research Suggests Sex Between Men Driving Monkeypox, Not Merely Skin Contact

Why are dogs & kids suddenly getting monkeypox

Federal Judges Expand Disability Law to Enforce Transgender Demands

U.S. Ports Receive 3,600 Russian Import Shipments Despite Biden’s Tough Talk

Inflation and Energy Crisis Barreling Towards Each Other

Poll: Just 13% Say the Multibillion-Dollar Climate Bill Will Decrease Inflation

Missouri School District Reinstates ‘Corporal Punishment’

Biden Bumpfist Emboldens MBS: Saudi Mother of Two Sentenced to 34 Years for Using Twitter

Biden’s Student Loan Scheme Would Cost More in First Year Than Inflation Reduction Act Cuts Deficits Over 10 Years

Report: U.S. Marshals Service Drafts Federal Sanctuary Policy to Release Criminal Illegal Aliens

DeSantis: Biden Has Stopped Sending Illegal Immigrants to Florida

Biden Issues Rule in Attempt to Codify DACA for Nearly 800K Illegal Aliens

Russian Military Violates South Korean Airspace

Ukrainian energy bureau says Russian-occupied nuclear power plant disconnected from power grid

Marjorie Taylor Greene swatted

Poll: ‘Suffering’ at Record High in Joe Biden’s America

Colorado School District Directs Staff to Address Children by Chosen Gender

Former NBA Star Dwyane Wade Files to Change Name and Gender of His Son

Dutch Farmers: Political Pressure Grows on Govt to Back Down on EU-Driven Green Agenda

Open Borders Ireland: 120,000-Strong Migrant Surge Drives Record Population Growth

Poll: Crime and Inflation Remain Top Issues Ahead of Midterms

Twitter Legal War Rages On: Elon Musk Subpoenas Former CEO Jack Dorsey

Transgender Golfer Stacks Up Wins Against Females, Inches Toward LPGA Qualification

Bill Gates Successfully Lobbied Joe Manchin to Pass Climate and Spending Bill

Canada: Govt Worker Suggests Veteran Get Euthanised to Treat PTSD

Larry Elder Mulls Presidential Run with Iowa Visit

Lockdown Forever: German Govt Approves Rules, Mask Mandates for Autumn and Winter

Trevor Noah Condemns Cancel Culture: ‘All of Us Should Have an Opportunity at Redemption’

Nearly 5 Million Illegal Immigrants Crossed Border During Biden Administration

Border Crossers Awarded Healthcare, Free Cellphones Upon Arrival in NYC

Report: Raising a Child Costs over $300,000 Due to Soaring Inflation

UFC’s Dana White Says Jon Gruden Nixed Raiders Deal to Send Brady, Gronk to Raiders in 2020

Gavin Newsom Vetoes Bill to Expand ‘Safe’ Public Drug Use Sites

CNN Boss Chris Licht Warns Staff: Prepare for ‘More Changes’ You Might
Not Like After Brian Stelter Exit

UK Election Officials Are Ignoring Voter Fraud by Minorities Out of ‘Fear’

Report: Biden Admin to Discuss Gifting Taliban Afghan’s Billions

Singapore to Repeal Law Banning Sex Between Men

Winter of Discontent: Gas Crisis to Leave Over Half of Germans Living
Paycheque to Paycheque at Best

Unholy Alliance: Facebook Wants to ‘Fix’ Wikipedia with AI

Oil Expert Warns Energy Prices Will Surge this Winter

Survey: Half of American Companies Set to Cut Jobs After Hiring Surge

‘Disgrace!’ — UK Sees Record 1,300 Illegal Boat Migrants Land in One Day

Italy Elections: Illegal Migrant Arrivals in 2022 Have Already Topped 50,000

Poll: 73% of College Democrats Don’t Want Joe Biden to Run in 2024

Poll: Liz Cheney Enjoys 60 Percent Favorability Among Democrats

Trudeau Imposes Handgun Import Ban Without Waiting for Parliamentary Approval

‘No Consideration’ of Performance – Air Force Told to Hire Women and Minorities over White Men: Report

Store Owner in San Francisco’s Chinatown Trains Staff in Kung Fu to Fight Crime

Great Reset: French Govt to Recruit 3,000 ‘Green Police’ over Clim*te Ch*nge

Report: Suspect Accused of Fatally Attacking Disabled Man in Seattle Freed 8 Days Earlier on Different Charges by Judge

Wisconsin Democrat Mandela Barnes Suggests National Parks Are Racist

Report: Google, Colleges Use Racial and Gender Quotas for Ph.D. Fellowship

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