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CNN Poll: 75 Percent of Democrat Voters Want Joe Biden Replaced in 2024

Seventy-five percent of Democrat voters want President Joe Biden replaced atop the 2024 presidential ticket, up from 51 percent in February, according to a Tuesday CNN poll.

Twenty-four percent of the Democrat voters also want Biden replaced because they doubt he will defeat the Republican nominee, up from 18 percent in February. Former President Donald Trump is currently on top of the GOP primary polls by a significant margin.

Thirty-two percent of Democrat voters do not want Biden reelected, up from 16 percent earlier in 2022. Only 25 percent said they want Biden to be the Democrat nominee in 2024, down from 45 percent in February. Among Democrat voters under 45, only 18 percent want Biden to win the Democrat nomination.

The CNN poll surveyed 1,002 voters from July 22-24 with a 6.7 margin of error.
CNN polling is not the only negative data for Biden this week. According to a Tuesday Rasmussen Reports poll, only 21 percent of voters said the Democrat Party would benefit from Biden’s reelection campaign, while 45 percent said Biden’s 2024 campaign would hurt Democrats.

Biden’s lack of support in the Democrat Party has hurt him in battleground state polling. According to a University of New Hampshire poll, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is out-polling Biden by one point in a potential 2024 Democrat New Hampshire primary.

Many outlets in the establishment media have gone negative on Biden in recent months. Just last week, The Guardian, CNN, and the Washington Post wrote negative headlines that suggested Biden would not be the best choice for Democrats heading into 2024. The New York Times has even published a rash of headlines to torpedo Biden’s hopes in 2024.

For example, on July 9, the Times‘ Peter Baker wrote an article titled “At 79, Biden Is Testing the Boundaries of Age and the Presidency.” The article slammed the president for his “plans to run for a second term” while “his age has become an uncomfortable issue for him and his party.”


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