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Lockdown Forever! Minister Backs Harsh COVID Restrictions After Meeting with Dr. Fauci

Germany’s health minister has reiterated his support for harsh COVID restrictions after meeting with fellow lockdown-lover Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Karl Lauterbach — Germany’s now infamous lockdown-loving Minister for Health — has reiterated his militant support for harsh anti-COVID restrictions after returning from a tour in America, during which he met with Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Being ruled over by a leftist three-party coalition, quite a number of lockdown rules remain in place in Germany, with some now criticising the measures as doing more harm than good.

According to a report by Der Spiegel, one particularly contentious measure is that of mandatory isolation when one catches COVID, a lockdown rule that many are now saying is leading to damaging staff absences.

However, after meeting with fellow lockdown hardliner Dr. Anthony Fauci, who serves as the American President’s Chief Medical Advisor, Lauterbach has slammed such a view as being “anti-scientific”.

“Behind the discussion about the abolition of mandatory isolation, the waiver of protective measures or a fourth vaccination is the thesis that an infection is better than a vaccination,” he said, before declaring that he does not “consider this anti-scientific position”.

Lauterbach also described the German population as having the “luxury” of being paid while being forced into isolation, an apparent privilege that those in the United States cannot avail of.

While Lauterbach may believe that his country has greater privileges than those available in the U.S., it does appear that Americans do in fact have the ability to do things many Germans cannot.

For example, those in the United States have the choice of whether or not to wear a face covering or mask on internal flights, a privilege that does not exist in Germany, which not only still forces passengers to wear an FFP2 or medical mask on many modes of public transport, but on paper also requires flights both in and out of the country to force the wearing of such masks too.

Lauterbach also compared the state of the two country’s vaccination campaigns, with Dr. Anthony Fauci’s America having allegedly not yet obtained the necessary funding to give U.S. citizens a fourth COVID jab, something the German health minister is extremely enthusiastic about.

Perhaps too enthusiastic, in fact, according to other German authorities, who slammed the health minister for recommending another booster jab to young people despite Germany’s own Standing Vaccination Commission not making such a recommendation.

“If the Minister of Health gives his own recommendations that deviate from those of the Standing Vaccination Commission, he is gambling away the trust of the population,” one virologist said.

Meanwhile, the head of the commission, Thomas Mertens, said that he was not aware of any data that would support Lauterbach’s call for young people to get another jab, with the government official saying that he did not like the Health Minister’s alleged motto of “a lot helps a lot”.

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