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Poll: Kamala Harris’s Polling Sinks Below Biden’s in Nearly Every Category

Vice President Kamala Harris’s approval rating is worse than President Joe Biden’s in almost every category, a Wednesday Quinnipiac poll found.

The differential in approval numbers is important because if Joe Biden is unable to perform his duties, Harris would step into the Oval Office with a lower approval rating than her former boss.

While Biden’s approval rating has sunk to 31 percent, Harris’s approval rating is 26 percent, five points worse overall.

Only 61 percent of Democrats approve of the vice president, ten points less than Biden. Among independents, Harris’s approval rating is just 16 percent, seven points worse than Biden’s.

Harris even trails Biden in favorability among women by three points. Among black Americans, Harris’s approval rating is 48 percent, 13 points worse than Biden’s. Harris’s heritage is half Jamaican and half Indian.

Harris’s approval rating is only greater than Biden’s in two categories. She is more liked among Republicans than Biden by two points and among Hispanics by one point, though only 19 percent of Hispanics approve of Biden.

Harris’s approval rating:

Overall: 26/50
GOP: 4/87
Dem: 61/14
Indie: 16/52
Men: 16/58
Women: 36/43
White w/ college: 35/49
White w/o college: 19/61
White men: 16/65
White women: 33/50
White: 25/57
Black: 48/13
Hispanic: 20/50
Biden’s approval rating:

Overall: 31/60
GOP: 2/94
Dem: 71/18
Indie: 23/67
Men: 23/67
Women: 39/52
White w/ college: 41/53
White w/o college: 23/68
White men: 22/71
White women: 36/56
White: 29/63
Black: 61/28
Hispanic: 19/70

The poll sampled 1,523 American citizens from July 14 – 18 with a 2.5 margin of error. The survey also included 1,367 registered voters with a 2.7 margin of error.

Harris has been unable to solve the issues Biden has delegated to her. Illegal immigration continues to burden the states at record numbers, while local elections have not been federalized as Biden instructed Harris to accomplish.

Harris has also delivered numerous word salads where many in the audience were left questioning Harris’s communication skills. Those communication failures may have been the reason her speechwriter left her office, though turnover in the White House is abnormally high, compared to former Trump and Obama administrations.

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