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Biden Approval Under Water in 48 States

President Joe Biden’s approval rating is under water in 48 states, Thursday’s Civiqs survey found.

The survey showed Biden’s overall disapproval rating hovering at 59 percent. Less than one-third of Americans, 30 percent, approve, and 12 percent neither approve nor disapprove of the president. According to the survey, Biden’s approval has not been above water since April 2021.

Biden’s approval rating is equally abysmal in individual states, as it remains underwater in 48 of the 50. Even in blue states such as California, 50 percent disapprove of Biden’s job performance, compared to 36 percent who approve, giving him a net negative approval of -14 percent.

The results are even worse in key swing states.

60 percent disapprove
29 percent approve
-31 net approval

63 percent disapprove
24 percent approve
-39 percent net approval

57 percent disapprove
31 percent approve
-26 percent net approval

65 percent disapprove
25 percent approve
-40 percent net approval

North Carolina:
60 percent disapprove
30 percent approve
-30 net approval

58 percent disapprove
30 percent approve
-28 percent net approval

58 percent disapprove
32 percent approve
-26 percent net approval

Only two states show Biden above water — Vermont (42 percent approval 40 percent disapprove) and Hawaii (49 percent approve, 39 percent disapprove).

The survey comes as Biden remains -20.7 percent underwater in Thursday’s RealClearPolitics average, and other surveys indicate that most do not want him to run in 2024.

Inflation in the U.S. rose to an annual rate of 9.1 percent in June under President Biden’s leadership — a figure worse than expert predictions — as Americans identify the economy as the top issue in determining how they vote as the midterm elections near.


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