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The Rory Sauter Show – Episode 10 : Rory Sauter Is Not Dead Part 10 / 2-18-2022

Guests : Daniel Kovalik, Richard Battle, Doug Giles, Dr. Salvatore J. Giorgianni, Jr, Dr Duane Hennen, Blaine Pardoe, Vincent Everett Ellison, Tony Lyons, Erick Aguilar, Corey Jones, Carlo Cavazutti, Rodney Evans, Equintal Middleton, & more..   

-Crooked Hillary got caught   

-Majority of Democrats want Hillary investigated   

-Russia! Russia! Russia!   

-Durham report details revealed   

-Democrats think more than 2 genders exist   

-Sleepy Joes list of gaffes   

-Trump new social media app coming soon   

-Not everyone deserves a trophy   

-Justin Trudeau is much worse than Hitler was  

-Trudeaus strong ties to big Pharma   

-Truckers getting arrested for peacefully protesting.   

-Journalists getting arrested for reporting news in Canada   

-Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization   

-Bank accounts getting cancelled for having conservative political beliefs   

-Any man who dates/marries a feminist is a Beta   

-California lifts mask mandate   

-Elon Musk knows everything about the future   

-Schools need to stop masking children   

-Amazes me how many stupid/naive people will bow down/listen to everything government says  

-Facebook/Metas Manager of community development exposed as a pedo   

-Pedophilia is worse than murder   

-Chicks with d*cks dominating HS & College sports   

-Cities in Ukraine evacuating for Russia war   

-Google search engine malfunctions   

-Election Season = No more TrustTheScience   

-V Mandates getting lifted almost everywhere 

-Free Speech under attack in America   

The border is overflowing and out of control   

-FBI going after bitcoin & other crypto   

-Bob Saget death mystery     –

Rush Limbaugh 1 year anniversary   

-Teachers indoctrinating students behind parents backs   

-CDC is using your DNA from test swabs  

-CIA has secret program that collects American data   

-Mainstream media has lost all credibility

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