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The Rory Sauter Show – Episode 265

Today’s Show : CEO of Institute For Policy Innovation, Tom Giovanetti calls in, U.S. Congressional Candidate From California & Political Consultant, Johnny Nalbandian calls in, U.S. Congressional Candidate From California, Mike Cargile calls in, U.S. Congressional Candidate From Virginia, Jeff Dove calls in, Popular Activist, Mike Harlow calls in, Political Professor & Best Selling Author, Mark Hall calls in, Political Operative, Corey Jones calls in, Military Expert, Andrew Knaggs calls in, Producer/Director, Frank Panico calls in, Actor, Gianni Rodriguez Parris calls in, President Trump Signs Exec Order to Curb Big Tech’s ‘Unchecked Power’, Donald Trump Demands Justice Department Investigation into Death of George Floyd, Donald Trump: ‘OBAMAGATE MAKES WATERGATE LOOK LIKE SMALL POTATOES!’, Donald Trump: Widespread Vote-by-Mail Will ‘Destroy this Country’, Kudlow: ‘The Third Quarter Could Be the Fastest-Growing Quarter in U.S. History’, Biden on His ‘Ain’t Black’ Comment: Charlamagne tha God ‘Was Being a Wise Guy’, At Least 17 Shot in Twelve Hours in Democrat-Controlled St. Louis, Billionaires Have Made $434 Billion During Coronavirus Pandemic, Hollywood continues to make death threats towards President Trump, Twitter’s Trump ‘Fact Check’ Does Not Disclose Company Partnered with Groups Pushing Mail-In Ballots, Twitter Fact Checks President Trump – But Not Communist China, Jimmy Fallon Apologizes for ‘SNL’ Blackface Role 20 Years Ago, Nancy Pelosi: ‘Every Crisis’ Including Coronavirus Is an Opportunity to Advance Leftist Agenda, Silicon Valley Billionaires Join Forces Behind Joe Biden; Plans Include ‘Partisan News Sites’, Protests in Minnesota, DBarr Has Selected U.S. Attorney to Investigate Unmasking, & National Guard Activated to Respond to Minneapolis Violence.

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