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The Rory Sauter Show – Episode 241

Today’s Show : Founder Of Podbum and Best Selling Author, Chima Nwala calls in, Popular Media Commentator and Speaker, John Michael Chambers  calls in, Lawyer, Michelle Owens calls in, U.S. Congress Candidate From Georgia, Lisa Babbage calls in, U.S. Congress Candidate From Arizona, Josh Barnett calls in, Retired Police Chief and Homicide Detective, Michael Valsi calls in, Radio Talk Show Host, Jim Price calls in, Doctor, Steve LaTulippe calls in,  President Trump Smashes Incumbent President Primary Record in New Hampshire , John Kelly Swamp Creature, Rubio and Cotton Launch Plan to Pursue Big Banks Refusing Services to ICE, Inside Michael Bloomberg’s Big Play for Black Voters, Hope Hicks Returning to Trump White House, Ilhan Omar Bill Would Let Congress Restrict President’s Power on Sanctions/National Emergencies, U.S. the Global Leader for Reducing CO2 Emissions in 2019,Nigerian Brothers to testify again Jussie Smollett, Emails: Obama Officials Told Rod Rosenstein ‘We’re Proud of You’ After Mueller Special Counsel Appointment, Democrats want to raise minimum wage to $22 an hour,  Virginia Passes Bill to Give Electoral Votes to Popular Vote Winner,  Wisconsin School District Abandons ‘A-F’ Grading Scale to Prevent Stress, All 4 Roger Stone Prosecutors Resign from Case After DOJ Considers Sentence Reduction, ch – Pete Buttigieg: Flood Small American Towns with Immigration to Grow Population, & War on Guns continues.

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