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The Rory Sauter Show – Episode 213

Today’s Show : U.S. Congress Candidate, Attorney & Successful Businessman, Chris Engels calls in, Lawyer, Activist & Best Selling Author, Teisha Powell calls in, Professor, Political Scientist, Podcast Host & Journalist, Nicholas Giordano calls in, Former Trade Commissioner, Award Winning Twitter Site & Columnist, Milton Elbogen calls in, U.S. Congress Candidate, Public Speaker & Event Director  At Stop Democrats Now, Michael Bluemling calls in, Comedian, Actor & Political Junkie, Topher Frank calls in, Deputy State Director and Co Chairman For The Trump Delaware Campaign, Hunter Dworsky calls in, Retired Police Chief, Homicide Detective & Activist, Michael Valsi calls in, Real Estate Mogul, Actor & San Diego Mayoral Candidate For 2020, Richard Hansen calls in,  Democratic Debate Recap, Researchers: Sex Robots Should Have ‘Consent-Modules’, Poll: Nearly Half of Americans Say Substance Abuse Has Affected  Family, Victoria’s Secret Features Transgender Model in NYC and London Store Windows, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Drops N-Word in Radio Interview, Hunter Biden Admits Father’s Position Helped Secure $83K per Month Burisma role, Hong Kong Demonstrators Trample and Burn LeBron James Jerseys, 125 Republicans Agree To Bill Censuring Schiff, Giuliani refuses to comply with subpoenas, Saudi Arabia opens tourism to ancient biblical sites, Bolton told aide to alert National Security Council lawyer over Ukraine meeting, Governor Newsom has signed 870 bills this year & China’s Corrupt Government.

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