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The Rory Sauter Show – Episode 172

Today’s Show :  Lawyer, Lobbyist, Political Consultant, & President of ‘Frontiers For Freedom’, George Landrith calls in, Successful Businessman, Political Consultant,  Activist, Lobbyist, Best Selling Author & CEO of Wellington Strategies, Joe Kuklis calls in,   Desert Storm Veteran,Columnist & Activist, Eric Thompson calls in,  Conservative  Talk Show Host, 2024 Presidential Candidate, Activist & Best-Selling Author, Daryl Kane calls in, Doctor, Award-Winning speaker, Professor, Veteran, Technology Expert, Best Selling Author & Commissioner Of Parks & Recreation For Maricopa County,Bob Branch calls in, Founder of College Republicans United, Founder Of Republicans United & Leader of Nationalists United, Kevin Decuyper calls in, Director, Producer, Political Commentator & Activist, Gianni Rodriguez-Parris calls in,  AJ From Houston calls in, President Trump D-Day Tribute Speech: ‘These Men Ran Through the Fires of Hell’, President Trump Open to ‘Think About’ Suppressor Ban, President Trump Berates Democrats on Migrant Crisis, President Trump Warns: ‘Always a Chance’ of War with Iran, 76 Acts of Violence and Harassment Against Conservatives on Campus, House Democrats Pass ‘American Dream and Promise’ Amnesty Bill, Los Angeles Homelessness Surges 12 Percent: 59,000 Now on the Streets, 1M Illegals Expected this Year, 4 Dead in Australia Mass Shooting,  ‘Trump Blimp’ Stabbed in London,  Bette Midler Deletes Tweet Suggesting Trump Should Be Stabbed, Oakland becomes 2ndCity to Decriminalize Hallucinogenic Mushrooms, CNN Poll: Majority of Americans Predict Trump Will Win 2nd Term, Pro-Life Group to Spend $41 Million in 2020 Election Cycle, Twitter Takes No Action on Account Joking About Killing 7-Year-Old Trump Fan & Wall Street Journal Questions Joe Biden’s Family Ties to China.

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