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The Rory Sauter Show – Episode 141

Today’s show : US Spokesman For Bragg Gaming Group, and host of “Sid And Bernie In The Morning  and “Sid Sports Sunday” on 770 WABC in NYC, Sid Rosenberg calls in, Successful Businessman, Political Consultant,  Activist, Lobbyist, Best Selling Author & CEO of Wellington Strategies, Joe Kuklis calls in,  Doctor, Award-Winning speaker, Veteran, Technology Expert, Best Selling Author & Arizona’s Superintendent of Public Instruction 2018 Candidate & Currently Is Commissioner Of Parks/Recreation For Maricopa County, Dr. Robert Branch calls in, Co-Founder of College Republicans United & Chairman Of Republicans United, Kevin Decuyper calls in, Businessman, Twitter Master, Activist & Political Strategist, Bill Lambert calls in, Director, Strategist & Activist, Gianni Rodriguez calls in,  President Trump signs Free Speech Executive Order, President Trump Floats Government Action Against ‘Saturday Night Live’, President Trump: George Conway ‘Stone Cold Loser’ and ‘Husband from Hell’, President Trump Calls on GM to Reopen Ohio Plant, President Trump has 100% successfully defeated ISIS, New Hillary Clinton emails surface, Illegal Alien Arrested After Having Sex with Cow, Ford to Expand Production in Michigan/Creating 900 American Jobs, CNN’s Trump Hatred Results in Double Digit Rating Collapse, New Zealand Bans ‘Military-Style’ Semiautomatics, Democrats want to abolish the electoral college,  Democrats want to give social security to illegal immigrants, John McCain Associate Provided Dossier to Obama National Security Council, 400 Illegal Immigrants Apprehended Within 5 Minutes in El Paso Sector, Georgia Democrats Sponsor a Bill Requiring Men to Report Ejaculations, AOC says illegal aliens voted for her & a new Florida bill would allow illegal aliens to get Drivers Licenses.


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