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The Rory Sauter Show – Episode 127

Today’s show : Nationally syndicated Radio Talk Show Host, Lobbyist, Successful Businessman, Public Speaker, Political consultant, Strategist & Activist, Clint Bellows calls in,  Doctor, Award-Winning speaker, Veteran, Technology Expert, Best Selling Author & Arizona’s Superintendent of Public Instruction 2018 Candidate & Commissioner Of Parks & Recreation For Maricopa County, Dr. Robert Branch calls in, Popular Talk Show Host, Entrepreneur, Political Activist & Freedom Fighter, Will Johnson calls in, Leader Of Blacks 4 Trump calls in, Director, Activist & Political Strategist, Gianni Rodriguez-Parris calls in, Lobbyist, Activist & Political Strategist, Josh Hlavaty calls in, President Trump Announces 2020 Campaign Rally in El Paso Texas, President Trump attends National Prayer Breakfast, President Trump: ISIS could lose remaining territory within week, President Trump says he wants to boost US legal immigration because unemployment is so low, President Trump nominates Treasury official David Malpass to head the World Bank, President Trump & his daughter deliver a new deal that economically empowers women around the world, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: ‘Green New Deal’ Will Pay Americans Who Are ‘Unwilling to Work’, Gucci Apologizes for Selling ‘Racist’ Blackface Turtleneck, Blackface controversy everywhere,  150K Migrants Apprehended During 1st Quarter 2019 — Up 84 Percent, New Jersey Residents to Be Hit with ‘Rain Tax’,  Mueller investigation coming to an end, Jeff Bezos claims National Enquirer tried to blackmail him with explicit photos, DOJ opens investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s sex abuse plea deal, Elizabeth Warren apologizes for Native American Claim, Venezuelan Officials Crack Down on TV/Radio & Social Media, Hollywood hate & San Francisco Eatery Apologizes to MAGA Hat-Wearing Customers for hating 

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