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The Rory Sauter Show – Episode 77

Todays Show : 2018 Massachusetts Senate Candidate, Inventor Of Email, Doctor, MIT Grad, Software creator, Investor & Entrepreneur, Shiva Ayyadurai calls in, Hedge Fund Manager, Financial expert, Venture Capitalist, Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author & Founder of Bullseye Capital, Joel Block calls in, Valerie Greenfeld calls in, Josh Hlavaty calls in, President Trump speaks at a rally in Florida, President Trump Ready to Campaign ‘Seven Days a Week’ for Midterm Republicans, President Trump Demands Funding to Keep Building the Wall Faster, President Trump willing to shut down government to fund border wall, President Trump Calls Out Mueller for ‘Conflicts of Interest’, Trump-Cohen tapes spoof, Doctors see increase in patients suffering from “Trump Anxiety Syndrome”, President Trump blasts the Koch Brothers, Facebook finds new attempts to influence midterm elections,  Medicare for all would cost taxpayers 32.6 trillion over 10 years, Liberal Media coverage of 3D-printed guns under fire for inaccuracies, Kim Kardashian praises President Trump, President Trump negotiating new deals with Italy’s prime minister,  Economy has hit 4.1 GDP, Top Obama Economist says GDP Even Stronger Than It Looks under Trump, Paul Manafort trial to focus on tax fraud allegations, Culture war between elitists & everyone, Worker pay raises at the highest point since 2008, Pentagon to take steps toward creating Trump’s Space Force, Matt Gaetz Files FEC Complaint Against Twitter Over Shadowban,  Justice Department creates religious liberty task force, Facebook Suspends Alex Jones for ‘Hate Speech’ Days After Execs Said It Wouldn’t, Six Women Accuse CBS CEO Les Moonves of Sexual Misconduct, Lebron needs to stay in his lane & stop the ignorance, Massive Trump 2020 Banner Appears in Yankee Stadium & Twitter developing a way to distinguish between ‘incivility’ and ‘intolerance’.

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