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The Rory Sauter Show – Episode 24

House Intel closes their case & finds ‘no evidence of collusion’ between trump campaign & Russia, Rex Tillerson fired, Mike Pompeo hired as new Sec Of State, President Trump visits the border wall, Special election race Pennsylvania, President Trump Speaks at his rally in Pennsylvania, President Trump announces his 2020 Slogan : ‘Keep America Great’,  Greatest manufacturing boom since 1998,  Pocahontas is not running for president, Masculine Maxine Waters has a very low I.Q., Hillary Clinton continues to make odd & ridiculous excuses about why she lost election, More & more companies investing into our economy, Trumps 18 Billion Border Wall could pay for itself by cutting welfare to illegal aliens, Poll : 80% of Americans support trumps economic agenda, Small Business Optimism jumps to highest since 1983, Arkansas puts God back into schools, President Trump pardons Sailor, President Trumps strategic approach to North Korea, Elon Musk agrees with President Trump on tariffs, James Clapper won’t be charged,NRAsues the state of Florida for violating the 2nd amendment & Democrats out of touch with voters.

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