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The Rory Sauter Show – Episode 19

Today’s show : Remembering Billy Graham, President Trump Speaks with Students from Parkland,   Parkland student admits CNN gun control townhall was scripted, Mueller info, CNN faces growing criticism over use of ‘traumatized’ children to push Anti-Gun agenda, Gun-Debate townhall with kids of parkland,  Hero’s Of Parkland, David Hogg conspirices, President Trump wants an individual to be 21 before purchasing rifles & end bump stock sales, Columbine Survivor turned State Rep. Pushing To Allow Armed Teachers, Poll shows that majority of teachers would prefer guns for protection, 9 Top 10 leading causes of death, The NRA saves lives, LA Times, Trump Administration offering more affordable healthcare plans compared to obamacare,Democratic playbook, Protests ban & Locker Room Talk. 

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